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Silke Glaab is a Coaching Psychologist, Founder of the BrainBoss Method, and Member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

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Struggling to Be in Balance

Does this explain your situation?

You're responsible for the success and growth of your company... and the enormous amount of pressure is overwhelming. You feel stressed, burned out, and alone. On top of it, you need to navigate complex relationships and make informed decisions.

You're in a new leadership position... and you may feel unsure about your abilities and lack the confidence to make effective decisions.

You're considering a career transition... because you feel stuck and unfulfilled in your current position. And you're not sure what your next steps should be.

You're struggling to bring your business to the next level... and you want to understand the real reason behind it.

 You want balance in work and life.


I'm Silke Glaab

I’m a Coaching Psychologist, Creator of the BrainBoss Method, and Member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

I help managing directors, business owners and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential. And restore balance to their life and work. I have 25 years of coaching experience in different industries and countries.

My BrainBoss Method offers personalized and science-based coaching for career transition or leadership/business development. So you can be more productive at work, more effective in leadership, and more balanced in life.

What Clients Say

"After working with Silke, more and more high-end clients and better business opportunities entered my life." - Natalia Wiechowski, Entrepreneur

Personal Brand Strategist
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

"The BrainBoss Method helped me to deeply reprogram and rewire my subconscious beliefs about self-worth and abundance first. 

After working with Silke, more and more high-end clients and better business opportunities entered my life. She has profound knowledge of neuroscience, hypnotherapy, and empowerment coaching. I highly recommend her work."

"Silke is a coach completely on a class of her own." - David Galea,
Digital Transformation Leader

Digital Transformation Leader
David Galea



"Silke has a very deep psychological know-how that I appreciated extraordinarily in the coaching session." - Katja Holzhey,
Business Owner

Business Owner
Katja Holzhey


Ways to work with me.


1:1 BrainBoss Coaching

Whether you want to Take Your Business/Career to the Next Level, Become the Leader You Are Meant to Be, or Unlock Your Full Potential. BrainBoss Coaching empowers you to overcome challenges and find balance in all aspects of your life.

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BrainBoss Discovery

Unlock Your Unique Genius and Discover Your Purpose. The gene keys profile is a powerful screening tool for purpose, relationships, and prosperity. It helps you to understand your strength and areas of improvement in a whole new way.

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