11 Selected Ways of Mindfulness For the Busy Leader

11 selected ways of mindfulness for the busy leader

“How should I decide? Wherever I turn to, the outcome is painful!”, a client I coach – a regional leader in the finance sector, vented.

“Are you controlled by your fears or by your intellect right now?” I challenged him.

The uncertainty of the situation made him default into a stress response reaction – a process which surpasses your conscious mind and is regulated by our limbic system.

I explained him the neuroscience of psychology behind his reaction and that it actually hinders his conscious decision making. The solution for being in charge and controlling his emotions was very simple: MINDFULNESS.

It’s impossible to live life at your highest level when you experience a fog in your brain:  a lack of metal clarity and inability to focus.

Emotions and thoughts can only be controlled in the present. Often our minds are preoccupied with multiple things, none of which is occurring right now.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath – Amit Ray

Though great leaders prepare for the future and learn from the past, focusing primarily on the present has many benefits.

Try these easy and most effective ways of mindfulness to get back into the CEO position of your life:

  1. Avoid worry. Worrying can only happen when you look to the future. Keep your thoughts on your environment and your current activity. You can’t worry if you leave the future alone.
  2. Avoid regret. Regret arrives while thinking about the past. The past is over and no longer exists. You bring your past mistakes to life by thinking about them. Let them go.
  3. Turn off electronic devices. Cell phones, computers, iPods, and gaming systems distract from the present moment. Find your enjoyment in your life rather than in an imaginary world or in frivolous communication.
  4. Avoid multitasking. Try doing one task at a time. Current research is overwhelmingly in favor of single-tasking. You’ll find you perform the task faster and at a higher level. Let multitasking be a thing of the past. Single-tasking is much more conducive to living in the present.
  5. Eliminate unnecessary items. Having too many possessions is more of a burden than an advantage. Owning too many things results in disorder that clutters both your physical environment and your mind. If you don’t need it, consider giving it away or selling it.
  6. When you hold a grudge, the only one suffering is you! Anger is distracting and keeps you from enjoying the current moment.
  7. Go slowly and deliberately. Rushing creates a unique type of anxiety. Give yourself the time you need to enjoy the current activity. Address one task at a time and give it your full attention.
  8. If someone is speaking to you, give them your full attention and participate in the conversation to the best of your ability.
  9. Spend 5 minutes of each hour describing your environment. Take 5 minutes and describe to yourself everything you see, hear, smell, and feel. It’s an easy way to bring your mind back to the present moment and keep it there. There’s no way to compete the exercise without being mindful.
  10. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. By eating slower, you’ll have the chance to enjoy your food more. You’ll also eat less, which is a good thing for many of us. Try eating an entire orange one piece at a time. Go slowly and focus on the flavor of each section.
  11. Under schedule. Too many obligations results in a crowded schedule and time concerns. It’s not easy to stay focused on the current task if you’re worried about being on time for the next one. Leave space between your obligations. Do less and experience more.


Avoid being controlled by your emotions. Living in the moment is a habit and a skill. Indulging in worry and regret are also habits. While it’s not possible to live entirely in the moment, your life is more brilliant when your focus is on the present.


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Silke Glaab (aka SilkCelia) is a psychologist (MA) who helps executives, entrepreneurs and experts to be more resilient to stress and dramatically improve their thinking and feeling so that they enhance their performance and leave a legacy in their companies, their lives and the world.


Silk uses rapid transformation therapy to help clients to transform the roots of a presented issue within minutes while using neuroscience to boost brain power and emotional intelligence to create mindful behavior and decision making in all areas of life.

Silk holds a master degree in psychology and has worked for over 20 years as a trainer, consultant and counselor in divers industries in Germany, Kenya, and Dubai. She is personally trained by the celebrity hypnotherapist Marisa Peer and the neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Kennedy.



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