3 Best Ways To Deepen Intimacy In Your Relationship

Do you feel disconnected in your relationship? Naturally, we all want to feel cherished, loved, and connected, whenever we're in a relationship with a man.

That's why I was intrigued when my female clients asked me, how they could have more intimacy in their relationships. What they should ask their guys for to deepen intimacy.

So the first question is, what is intimacy in a love relationship?

Lets' define intimacy as the feeling of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness.

Listen up, Ladies, there are three key points I want to share with you today, how YOU can create more intimacy right now.


1. Touch Love

When you're in your head, thinking about the guy, what went wrong, why he's not responding to you...

you actually disconnect from him. There' re only neurons talking to neurons in your head. Causing some noise there.

And at the same time repelling your guy coming nearer to you, because there's no space he could even connect to you in that noise.

Therefore, get out of you head into your body.

Practice feeling. Touch your desk. Really look at it. Let your fingers slide over the surface. Just be there with it. Feel the surface with your fingers. How does it feel like to you?

While you're doing it, you have to come out of your head and become present in your body.

And this is the magic moment. Your guy is feeling that change in your neural network, the moment of silence in your head and he's drawn to you.


2. Feel Love

Communicate with your man with love quotes and poetry.

A reporter is describing facts and making statements. A poet is expressing feelings about what she's experiencing.

And I want you to make to become a poet.

Do you know someone who's poetical? Imagine yourself being that person now. How does your voice sound? How does it feel like?

If you want to have an image of a movie star, watch Marilyn Monroe movies like "Misfit" or Michelle Williams in "My Weekend with Marilyn" to get into the poetry vibe.

In my coaching, we'll practice poetry what you can say in any given situation with your guy and we'll dig it down to the most potent feeling messages.

To jump start your poetry talks, begin your sentences with: "I feel," or "I'm feeling," and stay with the process.

Use daily life experiences like your day at work, a sunset, window shopping at the mall, a person you met on the metro. Practice your poetry in front of a mirror and talk about how you felt in those situations. Notice also your voice: the volume and pitch of your voice.

With these messages, you'll find direct access to his heart. When you connect to your heart and your feelings, your man is immediately triggered to stand next to you and listen to you.


3. Receive Love

Are you in receiving mode for more intimacy? 

What I've observed with a number of my clients is, that they want to suggest, judge, initiate, give more...

... to move a conversation or relationship forward.

A behavior we've learned in our society to stand for ourselves and manage our lives. I know that behavior myself. And it has its benefit for us women.

In a love relationship, this behavior hinders the man to show to you if he's able to act on behalf of the relationship and to provide his masculine energy for a woman.

A beautiful way to get into the receiving mode is to imagine that your man wants to give all his masculine energy to you and he's pouring his love like sparkling water all over you. Watering and nourishing you with his love and affection.

And you're just receiving. 

If you do this little exercise next to your man, you'll experience a shift. I guarantee you. If you shift to your feminine energy, your real man has to react to this. You become more attractive to him and he wants to be near to you.



To deepen intimacy in your relationship do this:

  1. Drop from your head into your body
  2. Become a poet
  3. Be ready to receive

Now, I'd love to hear from you.

What are you doing to create more intimacy in your relationship?

Let me know your story in the comments below.

Thank you for making Saturday one of the best days of the week and for reading and sharing.

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With all my love,


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