Your struggle with career transition or business growth is about to end.

Balancing life and work


Finding Inner Peace


Having Clarity and Confidence


Learning New Skills


Having a trustful sounding board


Uncovering the reasons behind your struggle.

Trust me.

I couldn’t believe it either.

Welcome, I'm Silke Glaab

At age 45, my work life was out of balance. I had the right mindset and skills, but no client.  Sisyphus at rock bottom.

I had quit my 15-year employment as a psychologist to start my own business. After 7 months my current account hit zero because I was not able to attract clients. 

I should have gotten a job. The thing was, I felt too ashamed that former colleagues and friends could see me as a failure. I enrolled in two business coaching programs. I took massive action. Nothing worked. 

A new turn.

Have you ever doubted yourself and your skills?
Well, that was me.

One night, I was binge-watching Billions. Then Wendy Rhodes, the firm psychologist, tells a trader that he's listening to the wrong voice and ignoring the quiet one.
I stared at the screen, the sentence still echoing in my ears.
What if MY voice caused me to struggle?
The psychologist in me emerged.


3 Things that I could control.

For the next few months, instead of working on my business, I did a radical self-inquiry on 3 pivotal levels.  Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

BrainBoss-Self Inquiry3

First analyse, then change.

I listened to the voice yelling at me that I was unattractive. Thus I was not able to attract clients. I acknowledged that I felt useless and so had leaned on actions that were going nowhere. And I questioned why I really wanted to offer leadership coaching.

BrainBoss Method

to transform.

I realized that I could apply all my counseling tools to address every level in depth.

Through hypnotherapy, I found the origins of the yelling voice. And  I replaced it with a cheering one.

Mindfulness helped me to recognize my emotions and do what was meaningful and successful.

NLP Coaching and personality profiles cemented my purpose and aligned my business actions.

Over time I not only attracted clients - I discovered a method for personal growth in times of change. I call it the BrainBoss Method. 

I help leaders transform their life and business

It starts with assessing your 3 levels: Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.
Then it’s about paving a highly individualized way. So that you achieve Balance, Clarity, and Performance. 

I help you restore balance.

Ways to work with me.


1:1 BrainBoss Coaching

Whether you want to Take Your Business/Career to the Next Level, Become the Leader You Are Meant to Be, or Unlock Your Full Potential. BrainBoss Coaching empowers you to overcome challenges and find balance in all aspects of your life.

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BrainBoss Discovery

Unlock Your Unique Genius and Discover Your Purpose. The gene keys profile is a powerful screening tool for purpose, relationships, and prosperity. It helps you to understand your strength and areas of improvement in a whole new way.