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I'm an advocate of integrating mental strength and emotional fitness into our work lives. I use my science based BrainBoss Method to help professionals to think, feel and perform well. 

What Really Predicts Burnout From Work

By SilkeCelia | Dec 3, 2019

An executive client recently wrote to me saying, “I feel exhausted and tense and I can’t sleep well. Because of burnout,…

Tools For Navigating Worry And Anxiety In The Workplace

By SilkeCelia | Nov 16, 2019

Do questions keep you up at night? Maybe you ask yourself, “How should I react to what my boss said to…

Self-Care As A Leader

By SilkeCelia | Sep 25, 2019

Silke, I can’t concentrate well! I take so much longer to structure my thoughts!” “I feel depleted of energy!” “I feel…

The Complete Guide For Anxiety and Worry At Work

By SilkeCelia | Sep 6, 2019

Do you worry a lot? Many people operate under the fallacy that worrying is productive. However, our worries have no impact…

Workplace Burnout: 3 Reliable Ways On How To Overcome The Mayor Signs

By SilkeCelia | Aug 9, 2019

Burnout is an occupational phenomenon – not an illness or health condition. The 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases…

7 Ways How To Get Through a Business Meeting when you are depressed.

By SilkeCelia | Mar 17, 2019

“Cancel, cancel, cancel!” These words were on his mind when he went to re-schedule the business meeting. Too many reasons; too…


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