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What is BrainBoss Coaching

Do you want to achieve great things and also find balance and fulfillment in your life?

That's why I offer BrainBoss Coaching to help you achieve BOTH.

My 1-on-1 coaching considers the latest research in leadership development and personal growth.

I take a psychological approach to coaching. Together we look at your mental, emotional, and behaviour level. And we consider every aspect of your life. From your career to your personal relationships and well-being.

My goal is to help you achieve success in a way that feels authentic to you and aligns with your values.

The coaching program covers a range of areas including:

  • leadership development,
  • communication skills,
  • decision-making,
  • work-life balance, and
  • business growth.

I use evidence-based research and proven coaching techniques. So that you can achieve measurable results.

What Clients Say

"The scope of the whole process was FAR more than I ever expected." - Ömer Atiker, Expert Digital Transformation
"After working with Silke, more and more high-end clients and better business opportunities entered my life." - Natalia Wiechowski, Entrepreneur
"Silke is a coach completely on a class of her own." - David Galea, Digital Transformation Leader
"Silke has a very deep psychological know-how that I appreciated extraordinarily in the coaching session." - Katja Holzhey, Business Owner

The scope of the whole process was FAR more than I ever expected. It was fun, open, professional, emotional - she takes you in with all aspects of your personality. Definitely worth the investment and highly recommended!"

Ömer Atiker - Keynote Speaker & Expert for Digital Strategy

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski - Author, Edutainer, Speaker

Silke however is completely on a class of her own. She sized me up immediately from our first encounter. She has opened my mind completely on how to view my life holistically and not just from a work perspective.

Even at 45 years of age, through her, I discovered new strengths and helped me fight my own demons in my mind. Silke has helped me build self confidence, a sense of self worth, a more balanced life, critical thinking skills to prioritise what is important but above all she has given me the mental strength and support to make tough career decisions."

David Galea - Director Centigo & CEO BEAT

Katja Holzhey - Owner Holzhey Consulting GmbH

Is BrainBoss Method right for you?

BrainBoss Coaching will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to achieve your goals.


I'm Silke Glaab

I’m a Coaching Psychologist, Creator of the BrainBoss Method, and Member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

I help managing directors, business owners and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential. And restore balance to their life and work. I have 25 years of coaching experience in different industries and countries.

My BrainBoss Method offers personalized and science-based coaching for career transition or leadership/business development. So that you can be more productive at work, more effective in leadership, and more balanced in life.

How does BrainBoss work

At BrainBoss Method we first identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Then we create a customized coaching plan that's tailored to your unique needs. Science-backed methods help align your mind, your emotions, and your decisions. As a result, your unique personality emerges.

All sessions will be over a secured conference line. Besides a client-made coaching program, you’ll get text messaging support. Plus individualized recordings to speed up your growth. 


I help you unlock your full potential.

I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness – all you need is the right tools and support.

BrainBoss Coaching will provide you with guidance, tools, and resources. So you can be more productive at work, more effective in leadership, and more balanced in life.

To get started right now, I invite you to join me today for your free BrainBoss consultation.

You will discover the effectiveness of the BrainBoss Method for your personal goals. And the opportunities and potential our work together have for you, your life, and your career.

I'm looking forward to a personal conversation with you.


Be a BrainBoss

Silke Glaab


Silke Glaab, Executive Coach

Knowledge Village Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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