#1 Formula To Forget About Your Ex

“What if I don't like him?”

A client asked me this question when I suggested circular dating as a way to allow new men into her life...

I asked, “Are you still in love with someone in your past and you can't forget about your ex?”

She admitted that she still has feelings and attraction towards former boyfriends.

To feel “still attracted” to your ex, you have to go back in your mind and thinking about that person.

There will be moments when your mind’s chatter is especially loud…

 1. You're resisting to let a new man come into your life and start a new relationship.

You may not feel confident yet to allow other men into your life.

So you glorify those precious moments you had together by blending out all the moments of pain and misery.

Your mind is telling you a distorted version of your experience.

2. When you meet a new guy, he is totally different from the one you’re used to.

He is new territory for you and you don't feel safe.

So you start comparing him to the former one and feel disappointed.

You feel a slight sense of “he can't stand up to the test.”

And there's actually a way to fix this and forget about your ex.

There’s an easy, painless way to gradually create a distance between you and your ex.

Memories are floating in your system, recreating those positive attachment feelings.

Your brain has created pathways that drag you through the same thoughts and memories over and over again.

Moments of bliss and pain - and everything in between -  are stored in your cell memory.

To release yourself from a past partner, do  this ENERGY EXCHANGE...

Imagine your former partner in front of you.

Look him into the eyes, take his hand and say:

Forget About Your Ex2

“I love you and I honor your [add attributes] and the blissful time we had at… [add those moments]...

and I forgive you from my heart that you did... [add your resentment].

Now it is time for me to move on in my life, and on my journey, I take with me the blissful moments I had with you and you had with me.

Therefore I give you back your memories and take my memories back from you.”

Now, in your imagination, take his hands in yours.

Witness memories exchanged between you both.

Say “thank you”, and release his hands.

Walk slowly backward still facing him until you're able to turn around and look into your future without turning back.

Creating more and more distance...

Now it's time for activities which give you meaning, well-being, and chances to create new fulfilling relationship experiences.




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