Frustration, Anger & Sadness: How To Shift Your Vibe

Feeling frustrated, angry and sad in your relationship?

These are not nice feelings.

Yet it shows that you're having these feelings because the relationship is important for you and you're passionate to change it for the better.

Whether he's ignoring you, spending his time more with friends or at work, or he's not standing up to his promises to you...

We're often THINKING, WHY he's doing it and WHAT we should do next.

All up in our HEAD.

That's why I was thrilled when I learned this very easy to follow exercise tool from Rori Raye, the world known love & relationship expert.

The best thing is, you can use it anytime, and anywhere at home, at your workplace, or in public places to address these very issues of beeing in your head and acting.


Find Your Feeling

Are you reading this blog on your phone or computer screen?

Now touch it, wrap your fingers around it and rub it with your fingers?

How does it feel on your hands?

... cold, hard, metal, smooth etc?

Select one sensation which is right for you.

Now say:

"My phone/my computer screen feels ... [fill in your sensation] in my hands."


From Your Head Into Your Body

What you notice is, that this little exercise brings you into your body and into your feelings.

You may feel stupid, sad, exposed, resistant ... while doing it. But for a moment you turned away from your thoughts.

And you're so beautiful when you radiate these feelings. Just being present.

All you need is a moment. All you need is to get a sensation and a feeling to drop into your body.


Practice 24/7 Makes You More Present In your Relationship

The tool of beeing able to drop from your thinking again and again into your feelings works like magic in bringing him closer to you.

When you're in your body you actually shift your vibes and you become very present in any given moment.

He can't connect to your head, but HE CAN CONNECT TO YOU when you're present in your own energy.

I've proven this so many times with my clients.

Do this every time you're caught up in your thoughts:

  1. Catch yourself thinking too much, why he's doing or not doing things and what you should do about it.
  2. Touch an object - either something on you, like a ring, bracelet, earring - or something solid like a table, wall, tree, phone.
  3. Wrap your fingers around it and follow the sensation how it feels to your hand.

THERE IS ONLY ONE TIME THAT IS IMPORTANT NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power. Leo Tolstoi


What's the single biggest insight you're taking away from this exercise? What do you do if you have those constant thoughts in your head?

Leave a comment below and let me know. And share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments.

Enormous thanks for reading and sharing your voice.

P.S. If one of your girlfriends is constantly thinking about a guy, please share this post. It might be the exact shift she needs most right now. 

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