Motivation: 6 Dopamine Infused Ways To Get and Keep It


Why a positive mindset may not be enough to get up and go


"I want to be healthier and start exercising… I want to be more successful and launch my new course… but I do NOT ACT on it."

For 15 years I’ve been coaching people to change their deep rooted limiting beliefs to supportive ones using the power of hypnotic suggestions.

Then I realized that people thought positively and felt great about themselves and still didn’t do the actions needed to move forward.

They waited for the motivation to push them from the sofa to change their eating habits, to go to the gym, to start writing their book, to launch their business…

Having the desire is not enough to make you move and act on it.

Sometimes you may desire something (a thinner or successful you), but only the imagination of any extra effort makes your brain switch back to channel “comfort groove”.

What is Motivation


Motivation is the process to initiate, direct and maintain behavior to reach a desired outcome.

Motivation involves according to verywellmind three aspects: 

  1. Activation: You have to make the decision to ACT on a certain behavior e.g. write a book.
  2. Persistence: Continued effort to move towards your goal though it may take your resources, time and energy. You may have to schedule daily time for writing in order to finish your book. 
  3. Intensity: The vigor you put into pursuing your goals. You write on a regular basis, attend some writing courses and get an editor to accomplish your goal.

If you reach your goal depends now on the interplay of all three components. If your activation is high, congratulations, you are getting up and going. How far you will go depends on your persistence and how much effort you put in.

Dopamine infused Tips to increase your Motivation


1.Know your why. The brain likes to be set on a passionate long-term goal and it responds well to imaginations. Create a strong image of your goal and outcome. See, hear, feel, smell and taste it with all your senses. The brain does not know if you’re making it up or experiencing it in reality. It responds to the images you feed it with.


2. Launch daily activities towards your goal. A client started her book journey by writing whatever came to her mind into a journal for 30 minutes every day. Another client followed this ritual to go to the gym: He set a wake-up alarm away from his bed so that he needed to stand up. Additionally, he placed his sport shoes In front of his bed room the night before. No excuses.


3. Set the right dose. You work on your optimum level if something is not not boring (no activation) and not too challenging (over-activation). Therefore, find your optimum activity so that you stay on track. Writing 1000 words daily or running for 60 min on the treadmill may be too much and going to the gym may be too boring for some people.


4. Use powerful words. Our brain loves dopamine and it is not very selective in its choice. Take this to your advantage. Though you may not want to write or go to the gym at all, tell your mind things like: “I love to do it!” “It’s such a pleasure to do it!” “I choose this to look adorable/become famous.”


5. Set a cue. For a faster habit formation set a “‘bell’ to initiate your behavior. It can be a reminder on our phone, a message from a friend, or the alarm clock.


6. Reward yourself. After you have done what seemed like an obstacle for you, evaluate how you feel now. Often people feel so much better. Honor this state and tell your brain: “I feel so great…” And do you know what? The brain thinks you are experiencing something that is better as you thought and… releases dopamine. The drug that makes you seek more of that experience.



Without any action there is no move.

As you have read this information what is your first action?

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