How To Get HIS Affection And Understanding!

Do you feel like you're not getting what you need?

This concern about not being connected to your man I've heard many times. Especially when it comes to relationship or work related issues. Often we're trying to manage the situation ourselves. Suppressing our deeper feelings and making it about the others instead of expressing our inner feelings with words.

If you feel this way, read this inspiring story of Grace.

Grace was not feeling happy at her work place for some time. There were a lot of gossiping going on, sales targets to be met which summed up in over time.

So when she came home she felt exhausted and overwhelmed. She became very sensitive and picked up small things to start an argument.

When one day her husband delayed picking her up from grocery store she exploded and said: "I can't stand when you show up late. What are you thinking? It's like you don't care!

The first reaction of her husband was to defend himself and later the argument settled in a silent evening.

That evening Grace woke up in the middle of the evening from her worries and tried to smooth herself with a "sweet treat" from the fridge. While she was sitting there on the kitchen floor she heard steps approaching, her husband had woken up and was looking for her.



When he approached her and asked what she was doing in the middle of the night on the kitchen floor, she couldn't hold on to her true feelings anymore, she burst into tears and told him how she was feeling:

I feel so overwhelmed by the sales targets and humiliated by my colleagues gossiping about me. I feel left alone with all the work at home. I need assistance at home. What do you think?

All the time her husband was sitting next to her on the floor, listening and soothing her. The next day he came up with a plan for a nice weekend stay over at the beach and agreed to have a cleaning service once in a week.



I feel my feelings first. Then I give words to my feelings.

What did Grace do differently that night?

  1. She gave words to her true feelings and instinctively her husband wanted to cherish her feelings. Men are able to hear real feelings. They want to know what's going on inside us so that they're able to connect with us to make us happy.
  2. After Grace expressed her true feelings she left it to him to think about a solution. He had the choice and space to figure out what could be done. And he did.

If you do these two steps, I promise you, you'll get what you need!

Hope to see you in the comments.

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